Thursday, November 4, 2010

garden state

missing the dark. the quiet and not so quiet moments of the night that we lived together. the wonder of the first chapter of life etched out on our own terms. the newness of love and life. the mystery and the sadness. the joy and the surprise. guessing at what comes next. where do we go, the children of the directionless future. no fields to plow, no career to plan, no children to have. just part time work and aimless plans. fleeting passions and broken hearts. too young to settle. too old to stay home. the generation of me. the generation of you. sustained in flight because there is no where to land. all over educated and under valued. armies of wandering lost. we all feel off because everyone tells us we are preparing for something but no one knows what. the generation before the fall. the souls left to float. memories lined in shadows and handpicked soundtracks. painted sweeter with each passing year/play. recollections of lives reduced to playlists.

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Kimberly said...

You captured us's a scary reality, that's why I'm not looking too hard for a crystal clear picture of "my future". x